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Marketers deserve a better attribution product

We understand the frustration of dealing with complex and subpar marketing analytics tools that demand ongoing engineering involvement. We firmly believe that B2B marketers deserve better.

Our vision for Source is to unleash a revenue revolution by empowering businesses to invest wisely in the marketing channels and campaigns that truly drive value through the funnel. Source is simple to set up and manage without the need for constant engineering intervention.

We envision marketing as a powerful force that can drive top-line impact for businesses. With Source, you can finally make data-driven decisions, optimize your marketing investments, and unlock the full potential of your marketing strategy. It's time for a better way.

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Source is a fully remote company.

We’ve partnered with the top product design company on the planet, MetaLab, to help us set the foundation for the best B2B marketing attribution product. Today, our small but mighty team is distributed across North America, Europe, and Canada. We are all fueled to create a product that marketers love and to unlock the revenue potential of businesses.

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Jonathan has led engineering teams for over 15 years. Wrote code for Tesla, Wayfair and Restoration Hardware. Open source contributor, runner, roadie, dad to 3 crazy kids and 5 dogs (2 Weimaraners, 2 Labs and a Belgian Malinois - also crazy).

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Mitch Wainer


Co-Founded DigitalOcean ($DOCN). Mitch has led marketing teams as the Chief Marketing Officer for 3 venture backed companies that have raised over $500MM. Padel and ping pong fanatic, golfer, boater, husband, and dad to 4 kids.



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